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About Shibboleth (Web Login)

Shibboleth-based technology enables organizations to build a single-sign-on environment. The architecture defines a way of exchanging information between organizations and providers of digital information in a secure manner. By allowing individuals to access web-based resources across institutional boundaries via a single login, it unites us with organizations external to Carnegie Mellon.  This technology is an important component in protecting both the security of the data and the privacy of the individual.

Shibboleth technology provides standards based technology with enhanced encryption values. Additionally, Shibboleth offers the added benefit of single-sign-on across organizational boundaries. It is often used to support federations, or “trust relationships,” that facilitate access to resources for the federation’s members. Carnegie Mellon has joined the InCommon Federation that should ultimately enable Carnegie Mellon affiliates to use their Andrew account to easily share online research and educational resources in a secure manner with other members of the federation. For additional information on the InCommon Federation, visit the InCommon Federation web site.

Last Updated: 7/2/14