C@CM-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Computing@Carnegie Mellon

Computing@Carnegie Mellon (C@CM) provides information about our computing environment and technologies. There is a free and open course available to all campus affiliates and a required credit-course for undergraduate students.

Credit Course - Undergraduate Students

Early Access Course Offering - 99101 X1
Undergraduate students have the option of completing their C@CM coursework over the summer prior to the fall semester. Starting the course early gives you a jump on assignments - freeing up time for other activities during the semester. Since you will be learning about the computing environment and technologies, you can take advantage of these resources immediately.

If you finish the course over the summer, you will take the Final Exam when you arrive on campus, provided you have fulfilled the eligibility guidelines. If you don't finish or choose to wait until the fall semester, you will complete the course over the standard 7-week schedule. 

All incoming, first-year students are automatically registered for C@CM. Upperclassmen can register via SIO. Contact your academic advisor if you need help registering.

See the Starting C@CM Early FAQ for more information. 

Open & Free Course - Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

If you are not an undergraduate student who needs to take C@CM for academic credit, you can access the educational materials via the Open & Free course.  The Open & Free course is a non-credit option that is available to all campus affiliates.

Log into OLI with your Andrew userID and password.