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Download Matlab (Special)

Special licensing privileges are extended to the faculty, staff, and students of the following departments: ECE, Tepper, Chemical Engineering, BioMedical Engineering and NREC. These groups may download this special version of Matlab and its installation instructions below.

Note for Windows: Both 32 and 64 bit installers are provided below. To determine your operating system type (i.e., 32 vs. 64 bit) refer to Determine OS Version: 32 vs 64-bit.

Note: Matlab download files are large. Please consider this as you plan your download.

Operating SystemSizeUpdatedVersionDownload
Windows 7+ (32-bit)5.94GB2/24/152014b
Windows 7+ (64-bit)6.10GB2/24/152014b
Mac OS X 10.8+5.93GB10/29/142014b
Ubuntu12.04+ RHEL5+ SUSE11.1+5.84GB2/25/152014b

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