Carnegie Mellon University

In fall 2016, Computing Services began a multi-phased project to decommission the Cyrus email service as part of an effort to provide modern, industry standard, cost-effective email and calendar solutions.

The email and calendar services offered to campus have undergone a number of changes over the past several years. Many administrative departments have transitioned to Exchange providing an integrated solution with mobile support and advanced scheduling functionality; and in 2013, G Suite @ CMU became the default email service for undergraduate students. The decision to decommission the Cyrus service aligns with the strategy to provide modern solutions that meet the needs and use patterns of our community.

Phase 1

The initial phase began with new Andrew accounts receiving either Exchange or G Suite @ CMU instead of Cyrus for email depending on affiliation and department policy. 

Next Steps

The next phase focuses on migrating individual Cyrus mailboxes to one of the supported solutions (Exchange or G Suite @ CMU). Direct email to Andrew account holders who are still using Cyrus began March 28, 2017. The message directs recipients to the Mail Migration page to enroll in mailbox migration depending on preference and department policy. 


We are focusing resources to provide modern, industry standard, cost-effective email to the CMU community.
Staff and faculty will receive Microsoft Exchange and students will receive G Suite @ CMU by default.
Follow the steps on the Mail Migration page to get started.
Use the RSS Feed Web Service to read bboard posts and your email client to post.
Migrating your personal Cyrus account will not affect bboards or departmental accounts/mailboxes (shared mailboxes). These types of accounts will be addressed on an individual basis in a later phase of the project.