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Network Suspension

When devices are suspended from using the campus network, a notification email is sent. The notice explains the reason for the suspension and the steps that you need to take to restore network privileges. A system or user account may be suspended from network access, or access to network services for one of the following reasons:

  • Activity that indicates that your computer might be compromised.
    Examples: scanning, malware detection, spamming, observed download of malicious files.
  • Violations of the Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy, computing guidelines, or the Copyright Violation Guideline.
    Examples: electronically attacking another system, bypassing security systems, inappropriate host or domain name, serving copyright protected materials.
  • Activity that causes a problem or degrades network services.
    Examples: acting as a DHCP server, Wireless Access Point, Wired to Wireless Bridge, misconfigured software generating excessive traffic.
  • Absence of specific vulnerability patches or the detection of specific configurations that leave a system vulnerable.
    Examples: Missing patch for which a notification is sent, administrator accounts without passwords, services with either no password known, default password, other specifically detected vulnerable software or services.

Missing Software Patch Suspensions

If your network access was suspended for missing Windows or Mac patches, follow the steps in the suspension email you received to request access restoration. Please see the step-by-step Secure your Computer instructions for additional help.

If your computer or device is suspended from the network, please visit one of the campus public computer labs to access this notification.

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