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Single Sign-On for Service Providers

For single sign-on (sso) for service providers, Web Login is a secure sign-on service that verifies an individual's identity at Carnegie Mellon and allows access to restricted web services. To use Web Login your web browser (e.g., IE, Firefox) must be configured to accept cookies. By default, browsers are configured to accept cookies. If you need help to check this setting, refer to the Configure Your Web Browser document.

An example of the Web Login screen.

Using Web Login and Bookmarks

Follow these steps to access a protected web service:

  1. Enter the url of the protected web page you wish to access (e.g., One of the following appears:
    • If you have NOT already authenticated*, you will be redirected to a Web Login screen; enter your Andrew userID and password and click Login. The protected web page appears.
    • If you HAVE already authenticated, the protected web page appears.
  2. If you visit this page frequently and want to bookmark it, you should do so now with the protected page displayed.

*Until you log out or your login session expires, you will continue to have access to all Carnegie Mellon restricted web pages without the need to re-enter your Andrew ID and password.

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Last Updated: 8/13/14