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Authentication Services

Security is the responsibility of all members of the campus community. Because campus affiliates have access to information that is often personal and confidential, it is important to understand the tools available to protect that information.

Access to campus services may be protected using Authentication Services. Authentication is the process of comparing credentials provided (e.g., Andrew userID and password) with those on file for authorized individuals. At Carnegie Mellon, Single Sign-On through WebLogin is used as the Authentication Service of record.

Authentication Services can be discussed from two viewpoints: that of the end-user accessing a protected service or the service provider seeking to protect system data.


  • Single Sign-On for End Users
    Understand how to use WebLogin to access protected services. Further protect your identity and university data by using Two-Factor Authentication with DUO in combination with WebLogin.

  • Single Sign-On for Service Providers
    Protect your service or application by requiring authorized individuals to authenticate with Single Sign-On. WebLogin authentication can be implemented for your service using Shibboleth technology.


  • Single Sign-On for End Users
    Students, Faculty, Staff, Sponsored Accounts
  • Single Sign-On for Service Providers:
    Faculty, Staff




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