Troubleshooting Guide-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Troubleshooting Guide

Common issues and troubleshooting instructions are listed below.

Contact the Help Center if you continue to experience issues with Duo or two-factor authentication (2fa).

Computing Services Help Center Support for Duo/2fa is available 24/7.
Note: After hours support is for emergencies ONLY.

The option to Remember this device for 30 days is greyed out and I can’t select it.

I disabled push notifications for Duo on my phone (iOS) and want to re-allow them. How do I re-enable push notifications?

Push notifications aren’t working, how can I log in?

I updated my phone and now Duo Push doesn't work, what do I do?

My hardware token stopped working, what do I do?

What if forgot my phone/token OR 2fa isn’t working for me? What if I’m locked out of DUO? What do I do if my hardware token stopped working?