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DSP Managed Computer Environment

DSP provides a number of services to our customers beyond actual hands-on computer support and troubleshooting.  A number of these services comprise our managed productivity computing environment, ranging from preventative maintenance to data storage. The list below highlights the services DSP customers receive within our managed environment.

MyDeptFiles (DFS)

DSP provides network storage space for departments, helping to keep the data secure from compromise and loss. This space contains a shared area, where all members of the department may save and access data. In addition to the shared space, DSP typically provisions a private folder for each customer within the department share, so that each individual has a storage space in which to save data. Typically, only that individual has access to the folder.

Storing data on DFS allows for greater security. There is a smaller chance of data loss as well as sensitive data being transmitted out should the computer become compromised. Data on DFS is backed up regularly, allowing for files to be restored should the need arise.  For more information, visit the MyDept Files Service page.

Computer Configurations

DSP requires Windows computers be part of the Andrew domain. Through the use of Group Policy, DSP is able to provide a number of configuration settings to those Windows computers on the Andrew domain:

  • Security to allow only those listed to log onto computers within that department, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Security configurations for the operating system, such as turning on Windows Update and configuring the built-in firewall.
  • Automatic mapping of network drives at logon, giving customers access to their personal (P: ) and departmental (S:) drives.
  • Internet Explorer customizations to provide better security, as well as adjusting settings to allow the browser to work with applications like DecisionCast and Oracle Financials.

Standard Software

There is standard software that DSP installs as a part of the DSP managed computing environment. Please see our Supported Software page for details.

AntiVirus Software

DSP installs Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) AntiVirus software on managed computers, including both Windows and Mac. SEP is a managed antivirus software that connects to a management server to receive definition updates and to report potentially compromised computers.  If the SEP client on your computer finds an undesirable program or file, DSP is notified so that we can remedy the issue.


System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a Microsoft product that DSP uses. SCCM is used to:

  • Install the base operating system and applications (image) almost all DSP-supported Windows computers in a semi-automated manner, allowing for both faster turnaround times and a consistent setup.
  • Deliver new software applications, as well as updates to existing software, to the Windows computers DSP supports, including JRE, Adobe and Microsoft products.
  • Detect software installed on a computer.
  • Detect computers without enough memory to support a newer operating system and when the operating system was installed.


Casper Suite

The Casper Macintosh Management is used by DSP to:

  • Install the base operating system and applications (image) to Macintosh computers in an efficient and standardized manner.
  • Deliver new software applications and updates to existing software to most Macintosh computers that DSP supports, including Adobe and Microsoft and other third party products.
  • Perform hardware and software inventory and detect missing security updates.
  • Provide functionality for setting and user configuration management.