DSP Consultant Assignments - Effective November 5-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, November 5, 2012

DSP Consultant Assignments - Effective November 5

Desktop Support has completed a months-long staffing transition affecting support for customers in the UTDC as well as University Executives in Warner Hall.  Beginning this week, Nick Figel is the primary DSP consultant for the UTDC building.  After many years supporting University Executives, Nick Figel was promoted to Sr. Desktop Support Consultant this summer, when he began his transition to supporting the UTDC.

Warner Hall Executives are now supported by Brandon Berg and Gary DiPiazza, both of whom were promoted to Executive IT Support Consultants this summer. Brandon previously supported the UTDC for the past year; before joining CMU, Brandon was a lead engineer at PLS Logistics. Gary joined DSP in 2010, supporting the Enrollment Division and Athletics, before moving to the Executive area in July.  Previous to joining CMU, Gary was a systems administrator for the Pittsburgh Zoo.