DSP Support for the Start of the School Year-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DSP Support for the Start of the School Year

From August 17 through August 28, 2009, the Desktop Support Program will be prioritizing issues to deal with all emergency and high priority issues immediately instead of visiting customers based on their scheduled time slices. This is being done to ensure we are meeting all the demands of “back-to-school” and our customers who rely on us to serve student needs.
We will continue operations as normal in our Platinum Program as well as our UTDC and Whitfield Hall offices during this time and all other customers will be receiving support on a “as-needed” basis. As always, customers are urged to call DSP at 412-268-6959 for emergency issues and to email dsp@andrew.cmu.edu for all non-emergency issues.