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Supported Hardware and Recommendations

The following computer hardware is recommended by the Desktop Support Program (DSP). We strongly encourage that all departmental productivity computing hardware purchases are facilitated by DSP, and all new hardware purchases should follow the guidelines outlined on these pages. DSP reserves the right to support equipment purchased outside this criteria. Our equipment selection is chosen with performance, price and functionality in mind; as well as compatibility with our IT management systems. This allows us to serve and support computers with greater efficiency.

New versions of hardware are released frequently, and the recommendations and support status information is current as of 2/21/2013.

Hardware that was purchased previous to January 2012 will be supported by DSP dependent on the status of the warranty. Computers older than 4 years AND not covered by warranty will be supported on a limited basis.  DSP will recommend replacement of these computers. As needed, DSP will facilitate the warranty repair process, either through Sarcom (our campus provider) or the computer manufacturer, provided the computer is manufactured by Dell, Lenovo, or Apple.

Replacement Cycle (End of Life)

All laptop computers (Mac and Windows) are recommended to be replaced on a 3-4 year cycle, at most. All desktop computers (Mac and Windows) should be replaced on a 4-year cycle, at most. DSP recommends that departments consider purchasing an extended warranty for computers older than 3-years.

Purchase Recommendations

Supported Software

Contact DSP

Phone: 412-268-6959