Troubleshooting Operating System Issues-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Troubleshooting Operating System Issues

If you are experiencing difficulty with your operating system or software, the following solutions may be of help to you. 

If you continue to experience issues after trying the suggested solutions, you may need to consult with:

Slow Operating System, Start-up Errors and Freezing Computer

If you are experiencing a slower than usual machine, receive frequent start up errors, or machines that freeze, visit the documentation section and walk through the steps to clean your machine and install antivirus protection.  If your machine continues to have issues, some possible solutions are located below.

Unable to Connect to the Wireless Network

Verify that you have configured your computer for the campus network properly by walking through the Connecting pages. If you continue to have difficulties connecting to the wireless network, update your wireless driver for your computer from your machine manufacturer (Windows), or by running Software Update (Macintosh).

If you have consulted this document and are still unable to connect to the wireless network, please contact the Computing Services Help Center at or 412-268-HELP (4357), or for additional help.

Operating System will not Start

In the case of your operating system not starting when you boot your computer, refer to the following:

Last Updated: 12/16/13