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Practices and Procedures

All new buildings and alterations of existing buildings will, as part of the project cost, include the installations of new Category-6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cabling that follows the university’s specifications and standards. Depending on the scope, the project’s costs may also include renovations to fiber optic cabling, telco trunk cabling and communications rooms. The Cable Plant Office will provide expertise for the design and review of each project.

Installations or alterations that are not authorized by the Cable Plant Office and do not follow the university’s specifications or standards, or which damage the existing cabling system, will not be activated with communications services until such cabling installation is brought up to university specifications and standards under authorization by the Cable Plant Office.  Such work will be charged to the relevant project or department.

Communication Rooms

No unauthorized entry into communications rooms is permitted. These rooms are restricted to the field service staff of Telecom and Data Communications. In an emergency, contact the University Police department at 412-268-2323.

If you need to request access for a specific reason, send email stating the reason for your request to The Cable Plant Office will review the request for access and, if approved, will issue the appropriate keys through a sign-out procedure.

Outlet Requests: Academic and Administrative Buildings Only

The following processes apply to academic and administrative buildings only. Students must submit all work related to communication outlets in Residence Halls through the Housing Office.

To request an estimate:

If a department or group wants an estimate for installation of a Category-6 (data/voice) or Coaxial cable (CableTV), complete the Estimate Request form.

To request installation:

Departments or groups who:

  • are satisfied with the estimate (above) -OR-
  • wish to save time by bypassing the estimate process

should complete the Installation Request form.


After outlets have been installed, they must be activated for service.

  • To activate Ethernet data outlets, refer to activation information on the wired connection web page.
  • To activate communication outlets for telephone and Cable TV service, email

Need Help?

Contact Communications Cable Plant
Phone: 412-268-8582