Planning & Project Management Office - Carnegie Mellon University

Planning and Project Management Office

The Planning and Project Management Office (PPMO) supports the Computing Services division's commitment to more structured planning and process/project management. The PPMO works across the division supporting the management of projects and providing guidance on division project activities.

The PPMO provides the following services to Carnegie Mellon’s  Computing Services division:
  • Project Management Standards and Procedures
  • Project Management Execution
  • Project Management Coaching & consulting
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Tools and Templates

Navigate our Web site for more information on the PPMO's activities, methodology, and services.

ppmo news

  • We have updated our Web site! Please visit our pages for PM information and guidance!
  • We are using a revised process for project disclosures. See our Project Portfolio Management page for more information.
  • ServiceNow is Live - See our announcement to find out more.