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Risk Assessment Gap Analysis

The Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis is a service provided by DR/BC Services in which the results of the Business Impact Analysis for a Department/Division are consolidated, prioritized by recovery objective and compared against current recovery capabilities to determine if a gap exists. Identified gaps are then presented to business and technology functional owners to decide if the gap should be remediated through investments or additional workarounds, or if the risk is to be accepted.


  • Enables senior management and functional leaders of a respective business area to understand their potential risks in the event of a disaster or significant business disruption
  • Provides transparency to both business and technology leadership of recovery priorities, and the potential gaps between recovery objective and recovery capabilities
  • Enables thoughtful risk management decision making to determine what risks are acceptable and what risks should be remediated
  • Enables the facilitation of conversations between business owners and technology providers of the potential recovery risks and determining the most effective solution for remediation 

How to Get Started

DR/BC Services delivers the service following the conclusion of the Business Impact Analysis.

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