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Plan Testing and Continuous Improvement

Plan Testing & Continuous Improvement is performed on a periodic basis to validate the feasibility of Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) Plans and to identify areas of improvement. The objectives are:
  • Coordinate with functional business owners and other stakeholders to schedule and develop the scope and objectives of DR and BC tests.
  • Provide leadership, oversight, and assist functional business owners in the execution of DR and BC tests.
  • Collect and review results of the DR and BC tests with functional business owners to determine if objectives of the test were achieved.
  • Coordinate with functional business owners and other stakeholders to conduct a post mortem review session of the test to identify and discuss lessons learned and opportunities to make updates to the DR and BC Plans
  • Coordinate the implementation of improvements to DR and BC plans


  • Mitigates business risks and financial exposures
  • Provides compliance benefits
  • Validates the feasibility of DR and BC Plans and identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Improves the quality of DR and BC Plans
  • Builds confidence within the organization
  • Establishes and enhances awareness as well as preparedness

How to Get Started

DR/BC Services works closely with business function leadership to create their Business Continuity Plans following the conclusion of the Business Impact Analysis.

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