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Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a data collection exercise completed via an interview process in which DR/BC Services surveys business function leadership regarding their function, the service(s) they provide, and what their dependencies are in terms of location, technology, people, and supplier. The BIA also establishes a business function’s Recovery Objectives and alternate processes/methods to continue operating in the event of a disaster or significant business disruption.


  • Enables senior management and functional leaders of a respective business area to document the services they provide, identify their dependencies, and alternate and/or manual processes to continue operating should a dependency not be available
  • Establishes a business function’s recovery objectives
  • Enables senior management and functional owners of a respective business area to identify and understand the potential risks from a financial, reputational, regulatory, and legal perspective if recovery objectives are not achieved
  • Establishes the building blocks of a Business Continuity Plan by enabling users to begin thinking of alternatives if one or all of their dependencies was not available due to a disaster or significant business disruption

How to Get Started

DR/BC Services delivers the service following the Introduction and Awareness training by scheduling a BIA session with the identified functional owner and functional administrator of a business department or division

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