NISC-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University


Computing Services uses the Network Incident System Console (NISC) to notify you if your computer has been identified as having been compromised, is vulnerable to a specific attack type, is causing problems on the campus network, or may be involved in a policy violation.  The email notification generated by NISC will typically offer instructions on the steps you should take to alleviate the problem.  In some cases it is possible that the computer will be suspended from network access as a result of the issue.

Other information of which you should be aware:

  • NISC email notification will come from ""
  • Responses should be sent to ""
  • Message subject lines will include "NISC ID" where "ID" is the incident number.
  • Notifications that you receive from NISC will NEVER include an attachment.

Last Updated: 4/12/13