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SERVICE OUTAGE: Wireless and Wired Networks 07/30/13

DAY: Tuesday
DATE/TIME: July 30, 2013

We are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues due to an ongoing networking issue. We are currently working to resolve this problem.

Areas/buildings Affected:

 300 South Craig St                                     
 317-319 South Craig Street                             
 407 South Craig Street                                 
 417 South Craig St.(fls-2  3)                          
 6555 Penn Avenue                                       
 Alumni House
 Bakery Square (including phone service)                                       
 Hamburg Hall
 All Hill Residences                                          
 McGill Hall (dorm)                                     
 Mellon Institute                                       
 Morewood Gardens E (dorm)                            
 Stever House                                           
 University Technology Development Center               
 Whitfield Hall
 Margaret Morrison Plaza

Please direct any questions or comments to the Computing Services Help Center (412-268-HELP or or to your departmental administrator or DSP consultant.