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SERVICE OUTAGE: MAINTENANCE Wireless and Wired Networks 07/12/13

DAY: Friday
DATE/TIME: July 12, 2013, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

There will be maintenance performed on both the wired and wireless networks.

WIRED and WIRELESS NETWORKS: You will NOT have access to email, web browsing, and a number of other network dependent services.

We will be preforming maintenance on our networking infrastructure.  During the outage window users will lose both wired and wireless connectivity.  (See list of affected buildings)

Areas/Buildings affected:
Wireless service will be affected campus-wide.  Wired services affected listed below:

311 South Craig Street                                
4609 Winthrop Street                                  
4615 Forbes Ave                                       
4616 Henry St.                                        
4700 Fifth Avenue (dorm)
Baker - Porter Hall                                   
Collaborative Innovation Center                       
Cyert Hall
Doherty Hall                                          
Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall (Bldg B)                    
Facilities Management Services Building               
Gates Center / Hillman Center Complex                 
Hamerschlag Hall                                      
Pittsburgh Technology Center                          
Resnik Hall (dorm)                                    
Scaife Hall                                           
Software Engineering Institute                        
Wean Hall