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Cluster Reservations - Summer 2013

(US Eastern Time)
DAY: Thursday
DATE: February 21, 2013

As announced in January, cluster reservation requests for Computing Services-operated clusters and software are now processed through the SpaceQuest (25Live) tool—the same tool used to reserve Registrar-controlled classrooms and many other Pittsburgh campus spaces.   

The reservation request deadline for the Summer 2013 semester is Thursday, February 28, 2013.

To request a computing cluster or software for Summer 2013, please visit the Cluster Reservation web page.
There you will find detailed cluster reservation information; links to the Carnegie Mellon SpaceQuest system, and the Requesting a Cluster or Cluster Software document to walk you through the process.   

For additional information, refer to Clusters Software Guidelines.

As per past practices, we encourage you to enter your cluster reservations on the SIS screen once your reservation has been confirmed by Cluster Services.

Please direct any questions or concerns to