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Apple iOS v6.1 causes issues with Exchange email, calendar 2/13/2013

(US Eastern Time)
DAY: Wednesday
DATE & TIME: February 13, 2013
The Apple iOS 6.1 update for iPhone and iPad has been found to cause problems with the Exchange email and calendar service.
An issue has been identified by Microsoft and Apple related to Exchange calendar synchronization via Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) running iOS 6.1 and 6.1.1. The result is that Apple mobile devices may exhaust their battery power as they attempt to continuously connect to Exchange.  A degradation of performance may also be noticed.
You may update your Apple mobile device to iOS 6.1 because it contains important security updates.  However, use Exchange with your iOS device for calendar viewing only; do not accept or decline meetings from your Apple mobile device until this issue is resolved.  Note that email usage with your Apple mobile device is NOT affected by this issue.
Please direct any questions or comments to the Computing Services Help Center (412-268-HELP or or to your departmental administrator or DSP consultant.