iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Cisco AnyConnect - iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


  1. Install Cisco AnyConnect from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Open the AnyConnect app.
  3. Select Add VPN Connection.
  4. Enter a Description (e.g., CMU General VPN) and the Server Address vpn.cmu.edu.
  5. Click Save.


  1. Open the AnyConnect app.
  2. Select the VPN connection you added.
  3. Turn AnyConnect VPN ON.
  4. When prompted, select a Group (see the table below) and then enter your Andrew account userID and password.
    If you need to access: Group to use:
    Library licensed resources
    (ArtSTOR, NetLibrary ebooks, and AP Photo Archive)
    Library Resources VPN*
    Windows file shares General Use Campus VPN
    ACIS services (SIS, DecisionCast, HRIS) General Use Campus VPN
    *Library Resources VPN: When you are connected using the VPN-Library network ALL of your Internet traffic is tunneled through the VPN connection. This may reduce performance.
  5. Click Connect.


To disconnect from VPN, select OFF from AnyConnect VPN.

Last Updated: 4/7/15