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External Network Connectivity

Demand for Internet bandwidth at Carnegie Mellon continues to increase. Computing Services constantly monitors our external connections and profiles traffic to ensure reasonable connectivity.

Our campus connectivity comes to us through a combination of providers including KINBER, Level3 and the Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3ROX), a consortium of Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh and other participants.


Demand is highest for so-called commodity Internet traffic. This is traffic destined for Internet sites that cannot use a research and education network path (see Research and Education Networks below).  At the time of this writing, Carnegie Mellon purchases 2Gbps of aggregate Internet bandwidth from KINBER and Level3.

For more information on how Computing Services manages and monitors Internet bandwidth usage, please see the Bandwidth Usage and Enforcement page.

Research and Education Networks

Via our connection to 3ROX, Carnegie Mellon has access to a number of high-speed research and education (R&E) networks, including Internet2, National LambdaRail (NLR), XSEDE, and ESnet.  These networks link Carnegie Mellon with other universities and research institutions in North America as well as overseas. We continue to encourage the use of the R&E network bandwidth whenever possible. For example, when downloading a file from one of several mirrors, choosing a mirror at another university will likely be much faster, as it should traverse one of these networks.

Infrastructure Redundancy

Carnegie Mellon has physically diverse connections to each of its Internet providers as well as redundant 10Gbps links to 3ROX.  In the case of a power outage or other failure, these links serve as backups to each other.