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Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) provides a name lookup service for campus-connected hosts. It translates machine names (e.g., to the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (e.g., necessary for communicating with those machines.

Campus Nameservers

Users at Carnegie Mellon are encouraged to use DHCP rather than statically configuring machines. By using DHCP, any changes Computing Services makes to the DNS servers will be transparent. Should the need arise to statically configure a machine, however, the following nameservers should be used (note: these servers are only available to on-campus machines):

 Hostname IP Address 

Authoritative Nameservice

Network Services maintains additional servers for authoritative DNS, serving domains such as,, and reverse service for the campus prefix.

Additionally, Network Services can, upon request, manage additional second-level domains for Carnegie Mellon affiliates (faculty and staff) with a demonstrated need. These domains require registration with a domain registrar (e.g. Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.).

To have your domain hosted by Network Services, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Network Services to determine eligibility and have the appropriate DNS records established.
  2. Register your domain name with the domain registrar of your choice, and supply the authoritative name server information received from Network Services 
    Note: the Campus Nameservers listed above are not authoritative name servers.

Note: Network Services only provides DNS service for approved, CMU-affiliated external domains.  The domain owner accepts full responsibility for technical, administrative, and billing related management of their registered domain.

For more information about Network Services hosting a domain, please contact