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Voicemail is a service we've all come to rely on to answer calls when we're on the phone or away from our desks.  In addition to filling these basic needs, it can also help departments with complex telephone needs including: integrated voice/fax mailboxes, caller information lines, automated call processing, “Press 1 for… Press 2 for…” mailboxes, and “fax back” document services. Some examples of these features can be found in areas such as Athletics, Benefits, Computer Store, Campus Security, and Telecom’s ServiceLine.  These added features are available based on the selected Voicemail Subscription Level.

Call the Voicemail system at 8-6700, or 412-268-6700 from off campus. Please reference the Voicemail Manual [pdf] for specific instructions on using the voicemail system at Carnegie Mellon University.   

Voicemail Policies

  • Mailboxes must be used within one week of the subscriber receiving the “First Time setup Information”. If mailboxes are not set up within one week they will be deleted for security reasons.
  • Voicemail has a feature that permits the caller to press “0” and be transferred to a live operator. If you are using this feature, the “0” destination must be answered by a person, not by a Voicemail mailbox.

Need Help?

Contact Telecom Service
Phone: 412-268-8500