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Local and Long Distance

Campus telephone facilities exist primarily for the transaction of Carnegie Mellon business. Unavoidable personal local calls may be made but should be minimized. Personal toll calls must be charged to home telephones, personal telephone calling cards, or reimbursed to the department. Corporate telephone calling cards for business use are issued on a request basis by Telecom.

All Telecom-supported equipment is owned by Telecom and is leased to the user.  There is no charge for repairs unless the damage was due to vandalism or negligence (e.g., spilling coffee or soda-pop onto the equipment, or dropping the equipment).  Telecom will not install, move or repair any customer provided equipment. Telecom supports the following types of telephones:

  • Meridian Business phones
  • Meridian Single Line phones
  • Comdial Single Line sets
  • Allen Tel Outdoor Cab phones
  • Elevator telephone sets
  • Emergency Security phones

Orders to Telecom for additions to service, disconnections, or rearrangement of equipment or lines will only be taken from department Telecom Administrators. Departmental users should contact their Telecom Administrator for ordering information. If you do not know the name of the Telecom Administrator in your department, please contact Paul Kaminski.

Need Help?

Contact Telecom Service
Phone: 412-268-8500