Network Registration: IT Staff or Student Organizations-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Network Registration: IT Staff or Student Organizations

Departmental IT support staff and Student Organizations are responsible for maintaining system information for their group using the Network Registration System (NetReg). For security reasons, it is important that computers and outlets are properly assigned to those who use them. If necessary, Computing Services may need to identify owners of computers and outlets in instances where the Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy and Computing Guidelines are violated.

We do understand and accommodate the need for registrations that are not owned by individuals - such as cluster or a departmental computer. All departmental IT support staff will receive important network information for the computers registered in their department as well as warnings for any misuse.

Residence Halls Outlet Registration Purges (Occurs Bi-Annually for Residence Hall networks ONLY)

Device and outlet registrations will be removed in preparation for incoming students at the end of the spring semester and again at the end of the summer term. This purge occurs annually and any devices or outlets registered on dorm networks will be removed from our registrations system during those periods.

Individuals with machines registered on the dorm networks will be notified of the upcoming removal via email. Once notified there will be a two-week window for machines to be retained in the registrations system.

Device and Outlet Purge Dates:

  • Immediately after commencement 
  • Immediately after summer term move out

If you would like to retain your registration, visit Retain NetReg Registration. No action is necessary if you no longer need the outlet/device registered on dorm networks.