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Andrew/UNIX Servers Guideline


The Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy establishes a general policy for the use of computing, telephone and information resources. The purpose of this guideline is to establish acceptable practices that support the policy as it applies to Andrew/UNIX servers.

The Andrew/UNIX servers are a pool of several multi-user UNIX workstations that provide Andrew and UNIX resources for Macintosh, Windows, and terminal users. These Andrew/UNIX servers provide a general purpose multi-user computing environment, with access to the Andrew System, the complete set of standard UNIX applications, and to various Andrew and third party applications. 

This guideline was established to ensure that the Carnegie Mellon community has a clear understanding of proper procedure and usage. Computing Services reserves the right to modify this guideline as necessary. Any changes to this guideline will be posted to official.computing-news and will be reflected on this web page.

Applies to

This guideline applies to all campus affiliates. This includes students, faculty and staff members as well as guest account holders.

Guideline Statement

The Andrew/UNIX servers are a limited community resource. Computing Services monitors the use of these servers to ensure that the servers remain a consistent and useful service to the community. The following usage guidelines have been established to maintain their fair and consistent use and are subject to change:
  • The servers are for course work, administrative, and research use only. Games are not permitted.
  • Users may log into only one server at a time.
  • Users are not permitted to run batch jobs or unattended background jobs on Andrew/UNIX servers. Unattended background jobs will be terminated.
  • Use of intensive operation programs which consume vast amounts of processing resources and degrade a machine's response time for other users on that machine are not permitted on the UNIX servers. Users should remember to be considerate of the fact that the UNIX servers are shared systems which support many simultaneous users.
  • Use of the reboot/halt and certain fs commands are restricted on the servers. Any loopholes in security that would allow a user to reboot the machine or use restricted fs commands should be reported to immediately. Halting or rebooting any of the servers is considered to be an abuse of computing resources.

User Responsibilities and Procedures

Users of the Andrew/UNIX server are responsible for using the servers appropriately. Some examples of appropriate use include:
  • Reading electronic mail and bulletin boards.
  • Editing and document production.
  • Running specialized software available only on the Andrew/UNIX servers.
  • Working on programming assignments required for a course.
  • Running applications required for course work.

Revision History

Last Updated: October 19, 2005
Established: June 17, 2003