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Connecting to the Wired Network

Whenever possible, we recommend using a wireless connection to reduce our overall energy consumption. If you need to use a wired connection, wired outlets are available in residence halls and other campus buildings.

Complete the following steps to connect to the wired network:

1. Activate Your Data Outlet

Follow these instructions to request data outlet activation at To access CANDO from off campus, use a VPN connection. IMPORTANT: Outlet activation may take up to two business days.

2. Connect the Ethernet Cable

Once the outlet is active, connect your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port in your computer; on the other end connect the Ethernet cable into the data outlet.

RESIDENCE HALLS: Check the Residence Hall Connection Types page to determine if you need a pass-through; see image.

3. Register

Register your computer. Allow 30 minutes for the registration to take effect.

For Departmental IT Support Staff and Student Organizations


When you connect to the Carnegie Mellon wireless network, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and consent to abide by the Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy and Computing Guidelines. Failure to do so may result in revocation of your network privileges.

Academic or administrative offices
Request an estimate, installation, or repair
for your outlet.

Network-Enabled Device Help
See our help page if your device does not have a web browser or requires manual configuration

Fairfax, Neville, Webster Hall
Refer to Housing and Dining Services to connect with Comcast Broadband Service.

Simultaneous Wired and Wireless Connections
Do not use simultaneous connections.  For more information refer to the Network Bridging Guidelines.

Need Help?
Contact the Help Center
Phone: 412-268-4357 (HELP)