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Step 2: Configure Time Capsule

Follow the steps below to configure Time Capsule for the wired Carnegie Mellon network and password protect it. 

IMPORTANT: These steps assume you have a Time Capsule with default settings.  If the Time Capsule was previously configured, the Airport Utility screens will look different.  To return to the default settings, use the factory reset option with a pen or pencil.  This will not remove your backup data.  For details, visit Apple's Resetting a Time Capsule FAQ.

  1. Open Airport Utility (Applications > Utilities).
  2. Select Time Capsule and click Continue.
    Select Time Capsule
  3. On the next screen, complete the following and click Continue:
    • Time Capsule Name: Enter a name for your time capsule.
    • Time Capsule Password:  Enter a strong password. For security purposes, please use a password that is NOT your Andrew password.
    • Use a different password to secure disks: Check this box if you would like someone else to have access to your Time Capsule disk.  They will not have access to the configuration settings.  If you select this box, you will be prompted to add a separate secure password for outside users.  Again, chose a high quality password that is NOT your Andrew password.
      Set a secure password
  4. Select I want Time Capsule to join my current network and then click Continue.
  5. Select I want to disable the wireless network on this Time Capsule and connect it to my computer or network using Ethernet and then click Continue.
  6. Decide to backup your Mac now or later and then click Continue.
  7. Verify the Time Capsule settings and then click Update.  
    Note: Time Capsule may take several moments to reboot.
    Verify settings
  8. Close Airport Utility.  Your Time Capsule is now configured.
IMPORTANT: Any attempts to use Time Capsule without first configuring it will result in a rogue access point, which could be removed from the network.  

Last Updated: 11/3/11