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Guest Wireless Service

The Carnegie Mellon guest wireless service provides a quick and easy way for campus guests to access their email and the web.

How it works

  • Faculty or staff can create an access code that gives a guest (or group of guests) access to email and web browsing via our guest wireless network.  See detailed instructions for sponsors to create an access code.
  • The sponsor distributes the access code and brief connection instructions for guests [pdf]. One access code may be used by multiple participants.
  • Guests select the CMU-GUEST wireless network and login with their valid non-CMU email address and access code.

Location Availability

The service is now available in most buildings on our Oakland campus.

If this service does not appear to be available in a particular campus location, please contact the Help Center (412-268-HELP or with feedback regarding your availability needs.

Need Help?

Contact the Help Center
Phone: 412-268-4357