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Setting Personal Preferences

To set personal preferences for your email signature and other features, follow these steps:

  1. Click Options. The Options window will appear.
  2. Select the preference you want to change:
    • Personal information - create a signature or identity.
    • Message Highlighting - sets a different background color for messages from a certain sender or mailing list.
    • Index Order - rearranges the message headers. For example, Date could be first, then From.
    • Address Groups - create groups of email addresses from your personal address book or from the university directory.
    • Address Autocompletion Options - turn address auto-completion on or off or adjust settings.
    • Display Preferences - changes display color and language.
    • Folder Preferences - sets the Sent Mail and Drafts folders. You can also set folder display options here.
    • Directory Preferences - choose a layout when searching addresses.
    • NewMail Options - configure settings for how you are notified when new mail arrives.
Note: For more detailed information on setting Webmail preferences, please refer to the Webmail Help file.

Changing Message Order

To change the order of your messages (e.g., most recent message first), follow these steps:

  1. Select Inbox from the Folders panel.
  2. Choose the appropriate column heading according to how you wish to sort your messages.
  3. Click the gray dash next to the heading name. The dash becomes a triangle and reverses the current order of the messages. Click the triangle a second time to reverse the order again.
    Sort by date

Note: The next time you use Webmail, this order will be used to display your Inbox messages.

Last Updated: 12/22/2011