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Navigating Webmail

The following sections explain the basic Webmail interface. 


Access Webmail at

WARNING: If you access Webmail from a device that you do not maintain there is a chance that the device's owner could maliciously capture your password or read your mail. It is also possible that the owner has not maintained the device, leaving it open to a virus.  Computers in a Computing Services cluster are secure.

Screen and Menu Options

The main Webmail screen has menu options across the top navigation and folders and a quick-start menu along the left navigation. Display options may be changed through the Options menu.  See the Setting Preferences section for more information.

Main window

The following are available from the main menu:

  • E-mail - returns you to your Inbox.
  • Compose - compose a new message
  • Addresses - create / edit personal address book entries
  • Folders - manipulate folders (create, delete, rename, subscribe or unsubscribe)
  • Options - set mail client preferences (signature, display options, identities, etc.)
  • Directory - search the Carnegie Mellon directory for email address or other information
  • Permissions - set permissions for others to access folders or b-boards
  • Help -  manufacturer's help file
  • Search - use specific criteria to search folders

Manipulating Mail Messages

Use the following buttons to manipulate selected e-mail messages:

Note: Select email messages by choosing the check box next to the message.


  • Move - move selected message(s) to the folder currently selected in the drop-down folder list to the left of the Move icon
  • Forward - select the message, then click Forward
  • Flag - flag a message
  • Unflag - remove the flag from a message
  • Read - to list the selected message(s) as already read
  • Unread - to list the selected message(s) as not already read
  • Delete - delete selected message(s)

Last Updated: 2/24/14