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Setting a Sent Mail Folder

You must be subscribed to any folder you wish to use for sent mail, drafts or deleted items. If you do not have a Drafts or Deleted folder, follow the steps for Creating a Personal Folder first.

Webmail automatically creates a Sent Mail folder to store copies of mail messages you have sent. If you have a different sent mail folder in another mail client (e.g., Outlook or Entourage), you will now have two folders of sent messages. To change the Sent Mail folder that Webmail uses, follow these steps:

  1. Select Options > Folder Preferences.
  2. Under Special Folder Options, in the Sent Folder drop-down, choose the folder you would like to use for sent mail.
    Folder options
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 to choose a different folder for Drafts.

Deleting & Expunging Messages

IMPORTANT: When you expunge a message from the Trash folder using Webmail, it is permanently removed from the server.

Follow these steps to delete a message:

  1. Select the message(s) you want to delete and click the Delete icon.
  2. The message will be sent to the Trash folder.
  3. To permanently expunge a message, select the Trash folder from the folder list.
  4. Check the message(s) you wish to expunge and click the Delete icon.

Last Updated: 12/22/2011