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Assign or Update Folder and B-board Permissions

At Carnegie Mellon, mailboxes that are viewed by a group of people are commonly referred to as "bulletin boards" or "b-boards." In order to assign or update permissions for a b-board, you must be its administrator and be subscribed to it. Your personal folders, by default, have administrator permissions. For more information, see Subscribing and Unsubscribing to B-boards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT remove your own permissions.

To assign or update an individual's permissions, follow these steps:

  1. Click Permissions from the main mail window. A list of User Permissions appears for each folder and b-board to which you are subscribed.
    Note: If you have a large number of personal folders, the list may be long.
  2. Locate the folder or b-board.
  3. In the empty User field, type the Andrew userID of the person you want to add.
  4. Check the appropriate boxes to set that person's permissions.

    • Lookup - allows the person to see the folder or bboard when listed.
    • Read - allows the person to read messages in the folder or bboard.
    • Seen - allows the person to mark a message as seen.
    • Write - allows the person to change message flags except the delete.
    • Insert - allows the person to add messages to the folder or bboard.
    • Post - allows the person to send mail to the folder or bboard.
    • Create Mailbox - allows the person to create sub-folders.
    • Delete Messages - allows the person to send messages from the folder or bboard to the Trash.
    • Expunge - allows the person to permanently delete messages.
    • Admin - allows the person to change the permissions for the folder or bboard.

Assign permissions

  1. Click Update. The user has been added to the permissions list.
    Note: If you change permissions on multiple bboards, only the b-board permission section where you've clicked Update will be modified.

Removing Folder or Bboard Permissions

To remove b-board or folder permissions for an individual:

  1. Click the Permissions icon from the main mail window.
  2. Locate the folder or b-board.
  3. Uncheck the appropriate boxes next to the person's Andrew userID.
  4. Click Update. The permissions are removed.

Last Updated: 12/22/2011