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Using Entourage in Disconnected Mode

Messages in remote mailboxes can be stored on your computer's hard disk so that you may access these messages when your computer is not connected to a network (when traveling, etc.). These messages can be read and otherwise manipulated in the normal manner, and any changes made to messages while in disconnected mode will be reflected in their online counterparts the next time a network connection is made. This is known as disconnected mode operation.

Configuring Entourage for Disconnected Mode

In order to use disconnected mode, some preparation is necessary. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools > Run Schedule > Edit Schedules.
  2. Double-click Send & Receive All
  3. Complete the dialog box with your preferences.
  4. In the Action section, choose Click here for account options. The Account Settings dialog box appears.
  5. Choose the box (check) next to any folder you want to access while disconnected.
  6. Use the pull down menu to change the Synchronization Settings to All Messages.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all folders you want to access in disconnected mode.
    Note: You must expand folders (using the arrow to the left of a mailbox) if you want subfolders accessible when offline.
  8. Choose OK to close the Account Settings dialog box.
  9. Choose OK again to close thee Schedules window.


Follow these steps to disconnect.

  1. Select Entourage > Work Offline.
  2. While offline you can compose new messages, read local copies of your mail, or reply to your mail.


  1. Establish a connection to the network.
  2. Select Entourage > Work Offline (uncheck).
  3. After you reconnect, any outgoing mail you composed while disconnected from the network will be sent on the next Send/Receive schedule or when you choose the Send/Receive button.
Last Updated: 2/18/08