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Subscribe: Folders, Bboards

In Entourage, only folders and bulletin boards (bboards) that you are subscribed to appear under CMU Cyrus Mail. To subscribe to a folder or bboard follow these steps:

  1. On the left side of the screen, select the CMU Cyrus Mail server entry that you created when you configured Cyrus and SMTP (see Configuring Cyrus and the SMTP Server). A long list of folders will display. Keep the following in mind:
    • Your personal INBOX folders will appear at the top.
    • Use the small triangle on the left to view any folder under INBOX.
    • Folders that you are not subscribed to will be gray.
    • Subfolders of the INBOX may not be subscribed.

    • Scroll down the list. Use the small triangles on the left to view the folder(s) and bboards.
    • To subscribe to a folder, select it.
    • From the menu bar, choose the Edit > Subscribe. For example, to subscribe to Computing Services official news bulletin board (official.computing-news), choose the official folder, then computing-news.

Note: For more information, see About Bboards or Bboards on Cyrus.

Last Updated: 2/22/12