AFS SFTP -Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University


When using a Computing Services public Windows computer, you will notice a AFS SFTP shortcut.  This shortcut allows quick access to your Andrew File System (AFS) directory.  This directory can be accessed from other cluster computers via the Desktop shortcut or your personal computer through FTP software.  To save your files and folders to your AFS directory:

  1. Double click the AFS SFTP shortcut.  The SSH Tectia window appears.
  2. Enter your Andrew password and click OK.  
    Log in to AFS
  3. The SFTP program displays local files (defaulting to your "Documents" folder) on the left side of the screen display, and remote files on the right.
  4. Locate the file/folder you want to copy and drag/drop it to the remote location; see examples below.
  5. To access files you have stored to your AFS space from a Mac or from your personal computer, use Tectia Client (Windows) or Fetch (Mac).

Example 1:

Moving files from your documents folder to either your Public or Private AFS space on the server.


Example 2:

Moving files from your Desktop to either your Public or Private AFS space on the server. Use the arrow key to navigate to this and other folders (e.g., Sandbox).


Last Updated: 6/3/14