Reservations-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Reserving a Cluster or Cluster Software

Most Computing Services public clusters can be reserved by following the appropriate process.

Who Can Reserve

Only Carnegie Mellon affiliates may reserve a cluster. Typically, clusters are reserved for the following purposes:
  • Faculty or staff members typically reserve clusters for academic or professional development classes
  • Students typically reserve clusters for community service projects

Reserve a Cluster

Depending on the cluster you want to reserve, do one of the following:

Cluster Requests for Academic Courses (NON-CFA)

  • For the Spring 2015 semester, scheduling for academic courses (non-CFA) taking place in the following clusters will be managed by the University Registrar's Office through S3: Baker 140 Corridor, Wean 5201/5202, Cyert 100A/100D, Hunt (Lower Level, Near, and Far)
  • This will eliminate the need to complete a separate 25Live request for these clusters.

Cluster Requests for CFA Courses

  • All CFA cluster requests for an academic course must be requested through BOTH S3 and 25Live.

Cluster Requests for Non-Course Events

  • All cluster requests for non-course events will continue to be requested through 25Live.
Additional Details for Reserving a Cluster

Reserve Cluster Software

Complete the Cluster Software Reservation form.

Reservation Restrictions

Cluster reservations are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Reservation requests must be made by Wednesday of the week before the requested reservation if no software changes are needed; see Cluster Software Guidelines for more information on requesting software.
  • Reservations are posted within the Carnegie Mellon SpaceQuest system powered by 25Live and on the informational digital signage at each cluster area.
  • Reservations become void if the professor does not show up within fifteen minutes after the scheduled reservation.