Color Printing (Optional)-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Color Printing

Color printing is available on specific cluster and library printers; however, to print in color you need to perform an additional configuration step:

  1. Repeat the Install the Print Driver step, but complete the Advanced tab as follows:
    • Type: Pharos Print Server
    • Device: Another Device
    • URL: Refer to the chart below; for example, if you want to add the CFA Color Laser, enter popup://
    • Name: Refer to the chart below and enter the appropriate printer name. 
    • Print Using: Select Other and use CMUGeneric.ppd.
Printer Name Print Queue or URL
CFA Color Laser popup://
Hunt Library Color
Mellon Institute Color
Wean Hall (Sorrells Color-4400) Color
Wean Hall Color popup://

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