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Printing from Linux Timeshare Pool

Printing from Linux timeshare pool to a public printer

Throughout this document, commands that must be typed are shown in bold at a unix prompt (%). You should type everything after the prompt, but not the prompt character (%). For more information about any of the commands described in this document, use the "man" command; for example:

% man lpr
% man lpq
% man lprm

Selecting a Printer

With the implementation of the central print queue, the default printer should already be set to andrewcentral, which will push the print job to all of the public printing stations.

Print Command

To print, use the lpr command followed by the name of the text or postscript file that you want to print. For example, to print the postscript file to your default printer type, use the following command:

% lpr

This will send your print job into the central Andrew queue for public printers.

Print Queue

To view a list of the jobs in the print queue, use the lpq command. For example, to view print queue information for the central print queue, you would type:

% lpq

The print job will remain in the central print queue until you manually release it from the station.

Note: VPN is required to queue a print job using LPD from off-campus.


Release Your Print Job

Last Updated: 6/10/16