Cluster Guidelines-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Cluster Facility Guidelines

These guidelines should be adhered to in tandem with University Computing Policy. Those who fail to abide by these guidelines may be asked to leave the cluster; Campus Police may be notified.

Food, Drink, and Smoking

Eating and drinking are not permitted in cluster locations. This refers to food in both open and closed containers. Smoking, by university policy, is expressly forbidden at cluster locations.

Games and Movies

Priority for all cluster use is given to students using machines for academic work and for academic classes.  Non-course related game playing and watching movies are discouraged. Someone who is playing games or watching videos/movies may be asked to give up his/her computer to another who needs to work. We recognize that many of our academic programs involve multimedia and game content.  Please be judicious in your use of cluster facilities for these activities and be aware of how sound may affect other users in the cluster.  Headphones are available in the CFA clusters.

Equipment Lending

The CFA Multimedia Studio Cluster offers a lending collection of camcorders, digital still cameras, microphones and other equipment available to the campus community; see the CFA Lending page for more information.

Data Storage

All Carnegie Mellon affiliates have a 2 GB AFS storage space available for use on cluster machines accessible through Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, a 1 GB DFS space is available on Windows-based cluster computers. Please see the File storage options for additional information.

Campus affiliates may also temporarily save data in the Sandbox folder available on the desktop of cluster computers. Information in this folder will be ERASED immediately upon log-out, so should only be used as a workspace for a single session. Important files should be transferred to AFS/DFS, a USB device, or an external hard drive.

Telephone Usage

Public phones are located near each cluster. Users are allowed to use these phones for campus calls. An on-campus number may be reached by dialing 8 followed by the last four digits of the campus number.

Abandoned Workstations

Abandonment of cluster workstations for periods longer than 10 minutes results in the users' loss of right to use the machine if another user needs to do work. Be aware and courteous during peak times.


Pets are not allowed within clusters locations as they may contain allergens or frighten others.

Bikes and Roller-blades

Bikes and roller-blades are not allowed in clusters as they may constitute a hazard; they should be kept outside.

Simultaneous Logins

Please only log in to one cluster computer at a time.  We do not support simultaneous cluster logins, which can cause erratic behavior and data corruption.

Last Updated: 8/8/13