How to Use this Website-The Common Cold Project - Carnegie Mellon University

How to Use this Website

Start at the study Home Page.  You can get to the home page by clicking on the logo located in the top left corner of the page.  If you are interested in finding out more about a particular study, click on the relevant link in the left navigation column.


This will bring you to the landing page for that study, which provides a brief description of the study as well as links to the data collection timeline and the measures that were collected in that study.  These links appear as a dropdown list under the study’s name in the left navigation column.

Landing Page

Clicking on Measures in the left navigation column will bring you to that the page describing that study’s measures.  To find out more about a particular category of measures, you can either select the category from the left navigation or from the list provided in the content area.


Following the link for a given measurement category will bring you to a table listing all specific measures in that category that were assessed in the study of interest. 


From here you can select a specific measure to find out more details about how it was assessed.

Specific Measure