Carnegie Mellon University

Commencement Weekend

May 20-21, 2017

Robing and Procession Information

All commencement ceremony participants will meet at various locations on campus and process as groups to Gesling Stadium and into special seating sections on the field.

Only graduates and ceremony participants should report to robing locations. Guests should proceed directly to the ceremony.

ALL Doctor's Candidates (regardless of college)

Mindfulness Room, first floor, West Wing

Bachelor of Humanities & Arts/Bachelor of Science & Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science & Arts

First floor, Baker Hall, behind Dietrich College bachelor's

College of Engineering

Carnegie Mellon Cafe, Resnik House

College of Fine Arts

Bachelor's: Main lobby, CFA

Master's: Mezzanine, CFA

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor's: First floor, Baker Hall

Master's: First floor, Porter Hall

Entertainment Technology Center

5300 corridor, Gates and Hillman Centers, behind SCS master's

Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

School of Information Systems and Management: Main entrance, Hamburg Hall

School of Public Policy and Management: Main entrance, Hamburg Hall, behind School of Information Systems and Management

Mellon College of Science

Bachelor's: Second floor, Baker Hall

Master's: Second floor: Porter Hall

School of Computer Science

Bachelor's: 5200 corridor, Gates and Hillman Centers

Master's: 5300 corridor: Gates and Hillman Centers

Science and Humanities Scholars

First floor, Baker Hall, behind BHA/BSA/BCSA

Tepper School of Business

Main lobby, upper, level, Posner Hall