Diploma Ceremonies-Commencement Weekend - Carnegie Mellon University

Diploma Ceremonies

  • Graduates will receive their diplomas at their department or school’s diploma ceremony. Their department/school is determined by their major. Double major students are invited to participate in both diploma ceremonies if scheduling permits. 
  • A schedule of diploma ceremonies is listed below. As commencement draws near, it is possible that adjustments to times and locations may be made. Refer to this website frequently for the most up-to-date information.
  • Caps and gowns are required for graduates.
  • Guests are limited for some ceremonies. See below for details.
  • Some ceremonies take place off campus. For your convenience, walking and driving directions are available to download.

* = Guests are limited. Contact the department for more details.
+ = Shuttle service will be available to transport guests to the ceremony. 
CFA = College of Fine Arts Building




Bachelor of Humanities & Arts/Bachelor of Science & Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science & Arts

Biological Sciences *

Biomedical Engineering

Business Administration (Bachelor’s) +

Business Administration (Master’s & Doctor’s)

Chemical Engineering

Chemistry +

Civil & Environmental Engineering *



Economics +

Electrical & Computer Engineering +

Energy Science, Technology & Policy

Engineering & Public Policy *

Engineering & Technology Innovation Management *


Entertainment Technology Center

Heinz College


Information Networking Institute

Information Systems (Dietrich College) *

Institute for Politics & Strategy

Integrated Innovation for Products & Services *

Materials Science & Engineering +

Mathematical Sciences *+

Mechanical Engineering *

Modern Languages





School of Computer Science (Bachelor's & Doctor's) +

School of Computer Science (Master's) +

Social & Decision Sciences *

Software Management

Statistics +

Student-Defined Majors (Dietrich College)