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Bureau of Atomic Tourism
. A site "dedicated to the promotion of [nuclear-related] tourist locations." In spite of its rather morbid tourism theme, this site provides over 20 links to nuclear-related web pages as well as giving the visitor some idea of what to expect from these links -- a rarity on the web these days.

The Cold War Experience. This Norwegian "black-box theatre" exhibit conveys an emotional and evocative visual representation of the Cold War in the northern hemisphere. The web site is primarily an advertisement for the theater, but nonetheless create powerful images for the viewer. Effectively makes history "come alive" for students in secondary and post-secondary classes.

Bradbury Science Museum. Located at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, this museum chronicles the past and present of the Los Alamos Laboratory. This web site primarily describes the layout of the museum and does not support on-line exhibits.

The Diefenbunker. A history and virtual tour of "Canada's 'secret' bunker [which] quietly began operation in 1961. Throughout its 33year lifetime the Diefenbunker was the Central Emergency Government quarters for Canada. Federal government budget cuts led to its being decommissioned in 1994." This site provides a nice illustrated history. Compare to the Congressional Bunker in West Virginia.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. This Japanese museum commemorates the second (and last) detonation of an nuclear weapon during a time of war. This powerful exhibit, organized by the city of Nagasaki, contains extensive photographic documentation of the aftermath of the bomb's explosion. The exhibit's weaknesses lie in its numerous typographical errors and somewhat awkward organization.

Military Museums

Strategic Air Command Museum.

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