CNN, the Cold War, and the Controversy


In late 1998 and early 1999, the Cable News Network broadcast a 24 episode series on the Cold War. Originally the brainchild of CNN mogul Ted Turner, the series was scripted to be a latter-day incarnation of the famous World At War series about World War II. The project was also designed to be of use to educators, with an accompanying book and website.

The documentary series has turned out to be surprisingly controversial. Criticized from both the right and the left, series consultant John Lewis Gaddis has remarked that perhaps the project was therefore well balanced. The Cold War Science and Technology Studies Group at Carnegie Mellon has been watching the episodes, and we plan to offer our own critique of the series here in the future.

See the CNN website devoted to the series.

See also the confrontational article from the Hoover Digest by Richard Pipes, Robert Conquest, and John Lewis Gaddis, "The Cold War over CNN’s Cold War."

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