The Cold War Science & Technology

Studies Program

Directed by

David A. Hounshell

Department of History

Carnegie Mellon University

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The Cold War Science & Technology Studies Program has several components:

--furthering research in the field of Cold War science and technology by supporting several graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow

--contributing to curriculum development at the secondary and college levels

--serving as a clearinghouse for anyone doing research in Cold War related topics on the web

--maintaining an annotated bibliography and filmography, as well as several syllabi from university courses on the Cold War.

--hosting a Cold War Science & Technology Colloquium that meets throughout the academic year

The booklet, Science, Technology, and Democracy in the Cold War and After, more fully explains the scholarly questions that guide our research efforts.

The Cold War Science & Technology Studies Program is hosted by the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University.

This website, the Cold War Connection, is the Program's web site. It is maintained by Dr. Anthony A. McIntire, the program's coordinator.

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Cold War Science and Technology Study Program

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